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so is anyone secretly in love with me yet

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Can I call you? I miss the sound of your voice.
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Anonymous: Things are only as complicated as we make them. They are simple and easy but too much thought and the innocence of things can be ruined. But yes.. maybe we can?

Get off anon and message me? 

Anonymous: Being soulmates and falling in love with a being are absolutely different. Telling someone you have fallen in love but are not meant is a coward attempt at pushing someone who loves you away. I dont know you but life is short and if you love something take it because you dont know if it'll be there tomorrow because then chances youve realized it much too late. You dont need to be sleepless with someone on your mind. Call them. Go to them. The only reason someone is meant for you is if you want.

It is just a bit more complicated than that, maybe we could talk a little. You and I.

Another sleepless night with you on my mind.

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